5 Reasons Why I Love Teaching Sacred Dance

I didn’t choose sacred dance, it chose me—and it has been an amazing journey!

I was recently asked by a friend “why is teaching sacred dance so important to you?” I had never really thought about it. The dance seemed to be a natural progression from doing it, to teaching it, to mentoring others to teach it. But I never really thought about the driving force or passion that compels me to do it. What am I getting out of it? Ask a question—get an answer!


DSC00653_edited-2cr.jpgIt was 2002, I had been living in Egypt for almost 15 years acclimating, acculturating and raising children. Then, I went to Upper Egypt and in a temple the goddess touched and seeded me with her presence. I had touched the sacred. I suddenly had clarity of vision. The door opened and I walked through. Things began to download quickly. I was obsessed. I danced for hours on end. It was my passion, my bliss, my joy, and my connection to her.

The gift

Almost immediately I was asked to teach the dance. I’m still not sure how all that happened. I was taking an aerobics class and asked by the instructor; a colleague of mine, to do a class after her aerobics class, for women to wanted to stay on. We did it as an exchange. I took the aerobics class from her and then taught another “sacred dance” class after it. Sure why not! It brought me to the first reason I teach sacred dance: I want to share this amazing experience of full body bliss and joy with other women. I just couldn’t believe that something so simple could be so powerful! I knew that the only way to truly understand that simplicity and transcendence was to HAVE the experience. So I need to facilitate that process somehow.

leon-liu-638762-unsplash.jpgI didn’t “think” that I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t bothered. My passion was my driving force and enough to fuel the ride! I was determined to help others experience this amazing dance. If I could do it anyone could do it, we just had to find the way in. I knew the way in for myself but what about others? Where was the door for them?

The women in the class were all middle-aged (40’s and above) Egyptian women. We had so much fun! I lead the class based on all the information downloaded in my own sessions and they held the space. In the end they were the midwives to assist me to birth this amazing dance form.

A new perspective

I learned so much from those women. They danced and had reactions that were different from my own. Teaching sacred dance affords me the opportunity to view the dance from a new perspective, to share in an experience that is not my own.

I taught that class for quite awhile before I felt ready to formulate it into a curriculum that could be used by others. By then I had my own personal experiences as well as the experience.

Expanding my knowledge

Information was downloaded to me as I danced. I kept a journal with me at all times to collect the pieces of information that came in. But I needed confirmation and supporting evidence for this information. I was after all trained as a scientist, with endless studies in experimentation, data collection and processing.

When the downloading first began I made the intention that if the information was true and correct then I wanted confirmation. And I got it, and continue to get it! Teaching sacred dance positions me to be challenged by questions that I would never have thought to ask on my own. It expands my boundaries as well as my knowledge.

Witnessing transformation

Another reason I teach sacred dance is that: It allows me to be a witness to something Divine—transformation. There is that moment after a dance or after a class when you look into the student’s eyes and you can see the flame. A spark that was not present before. We both know what it is, because we have both experienced it—the sacred. I always feel gratitude for having experienced that moment of grace with someone else. It is a very intimate experience one that cannot, and perhaps should not, be put into words. Let just call it Love.


And last, but not least: I teach sacred dance because of the connections that I make with other amazing women of this tribe. Sacred dance creates a bond, a sisterhood of women who have touched the sacred, glimpsed behind the curtain and seen the Divine in all her glory. Its one of those things that only someone who has had the experience can truly understand—but one that I hope more and more women will find.


That is why I teach sacred dance!

Join us!


Writer Leslie Zehr teaches Sacred Dance, helping women reconnect to the sacred feminine. She is also the host and producer of the Sacred Dance Summit, as well as being an aromatherapist, hypnotherapist, reiki master and astrologer. She has published two books, The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer and The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites. Her workshops have been attended by hundreds of women of different nationalities and taken her from Cairo and ancient Egyptian temples along the Nile River to studios and centers in New York, Maine, Maryland, Arizona, Washington, Puerto Rico and now to an online platform the Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts.  Through dance, Leslie retells the archetypal stories, taking women back through time to the essence of their being, initiating and unlocking the esoteric wisdom buried deep within their psyche.

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