A House is not a Home

In the past the home was a sacred space, the hearth, usually tended by women, the goddesses of sacred space. Then materialism took over and the pursuit of money became the highest accomplishment leaving houses abandon, devoid of that sacred energy. It became a place to sleep and put your ‘stuff’. ‘Latch-key children’ was the name given to the children who had to return from school to an empty house, those abandon spaces.

Once people stopped seeing the home as a sacred space we allowed technology and others to invade that space. While everyone was busy making money to buy ‘stuff’ to fill the space in our houses and the void in our souls, GMO’s and toxic chemicals made their way in. Microwaves to prepare our food. ‘Smart meters’ were installed to watch us and fill our houses with disruptive energies.

Now we are waking up to find out what a mess we have made of our lives and our space. By now these technologies have taken deep root and it is difficult to right the wrongs.

One of the most fundamental ways we have been manipulated and disrupted is through our food. Nourishment is one of our most primordial needs. We eat GMO’s, fast food, processed foods, sprayed food, food ‘supplements’, we diet, eat in our cars, walking on the street and standing all in the name of ‘feeding ourselves’. What happened to reverence for our food and to the art of dining? There is even a branch of life sciences called ‘Food Technology’. Something is clearly wrong! And if it is not bad enough that we do this to ourselves, we also pass these trends on to our children.

Maya Adams is someone who is not only trying to wake people up but also to assist them in the process of righting these wrongs on many levels. Below is a link to a talk she did about her research and the program she developed, as well as a link to her online course. In this day and age there is no excuse for ignorance. We have too many resources to get information and educate our self.

Time to wake up and smell the herbs!

Maya Adam’s Online Course


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