Author: Leslie Zehr

  • Pluto in Aquarius: Entering a New Era-Part 2 Looking Forward

    Pluto in Aquarius: Entering a New Era-Part 2 Looking Forward

    In Part 1 of this two-part series, we examined Pluto, our karmic teacher, and explored the sign of Capricorn. Then we looked back to the previous era of Pluto in Capricorn. We have done our due diligence, extracted the nectar, and reflected on what we learned during that period.  Pluto moved into Aquarius on March…

  • Pluto in Aquarius: Entering a New Era-Part 1 Looking Back

    Pluto in Aquarius: Entering a New Era-Part 1 Looking Back

    On March 23rd, 2023, Pluto moved out of Capricorn and began its journey through the sign of Aquarius. To celebrate this new beginning, Keren Brown and I created a gathering for our online communities, Dancing Down the Moon and WiseWomans Way. Being such a momentous juncture, we opened the live call to anyone—the replay is available in our…

  • Hathor: the Exuberant Goddess of Abundant Life

    A beautiful post on Hat-Hor from symbolreader. Enjoy! Hathor was the greatest goddess of Egypt (before Isis took over in that role much later); originally she was called HetHert (“the House or Womb Above), later her name became the familiar Hat-Hor (“the House or Womb of Horus”). She was the sky in which the Great…

  • The Power of Dance

    The Power of Dance

    Dance is the most accessible form of art to get involved in. It not only makes you feel closer to your body and soul, but it also provides many health benefits like improving the immune system, stress levels, and more.

  • Fun events for everyone!

    Fun events for everyone!

    If you watched Episode 7 of The Universal Dancer Podcast you heard Jacqui Dreessens speak about her piece ‘Échelons’. Here are some more events from the ‘Mangroves from the Water’ project and ways you can participate. Enjoy!

  • The Universal Dancer Podcast Launch!

    The Universal Dancer Podcast Launch!

    Join Leslie Zehr, author of The Alchemy of Dance and The Al-chemia Remedies, as she takes you on a journey of exploration using her own experiences as a seeker. The journey began in her childhood but increased when she moved to Egypt more than 30 years ago. She will bring guests from diverse areas such…

  • Called to the Dance

    Called to the Dance

    An article I wrote for the Sacred Dance Guild. Enjoy!

  • Wrapping-up 2020: Dance into 2021!

    Wrapping-up 2020: Dance into 2021!

    Following on from my previous two posts, I hope you have taken some time to revise and contemplate what has happened in the last year and spent some time thinking about your sacred space and how you can access the depth and importance of that space. In this post, I would like to focus on…

  • Wrapping-up 2020: Sacred space

    Wrapping-up 2020: Sacred space

    In my last post, I spoke about the winter season and the journey inward. I suggested that you do some journaling and gave you a few ideas about things to contemplate. Today I would like to speak more about sacred space—both the sacred space around you, your home, as well as your own body, your…

  • Wrapping-up 2020: Pause, reflect, and take a breath

    Wrapping-up 2020: Pause, reflect, and take a breath

    As the days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere, we move towards the solstice, winter, and the end of this most challenging year. It is our natural time to descend, to go deep inside. Life has taught us many things in this past year. Now it is time to go inside and reflect. One important…