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Children at PlayPlay seems to be the big topic of conversation for this week! I had 2 conversations and then saw this video; using the rule of 3 it is time to write about it!

The first conversation was with an artist friend who is deep in the womb of the Great Mother creating things she doesn’t understand, just following the call. I said ‘you are playing, just keep playing, creating. You are having fun enjoying it, it is a good thing!’

She has an Aries ascendant and it struck me that play is how she expresses herself, how she interacts with the outside world. Both of us are deep in play at the moment her with color and form me with words both written and spoken. Neither of us knows where we are going with this we just trust that we are going somewhere, or nowhere and it doesn’t matter. That is why it is seen as play. There is no agenda, no need for an outcome.

Play allows us to fail and not NEED to accomplish anything. We learn from our mistakes and only in play are we allowed to make them. In fact it becomes fun to make them. We often end up with something even more interesting and unexpected. Or we just do it again, better, having learned where the flaws are.

The second conversation came in my Dance class. I always tell the women to play with the movements but suddenly had the realization that they don’t know what I am talking about. Many people NEED structure. They are not willing to take the risk. Because the dance that I teach is very internal, personal and self-expressive I think some women are intimidated. They want to be told what to do so they can do it right.

There is no way to do this Dance RIGHT, or more correctly there is no way to do it wrong. For me it is easy. I put music on and I cannot be still. I just throw myself around the room and learn a lot, so I never realized that others might not want to do that. When I did I restructured all my classes and now the first step is to just be. The second is to learn how to play.

Women, people, do not want to expose themselves. Even though we dance in the dark or with our eyes closed in my classes it is often not enough. They have forgotten how to make mistakes, how to be playful. This is very sad and as we can see from the video very dangerous for our emotional health.

The video below is about children but those children grow up to be adults, adults who have forgotten or never learned how to play. I encounter so many of them in my classes and it is sad, but an opportunity to learn. This is why sacred space is so important. We need a place to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, away from judgment. Which is why children’s play needs to be without the supervision of adults. As adults we become the adults who judge ourselves. We need to find away to get away from them, to leave that adult outside the door while we play. It will take some practice but what a joyful practice!

SO find a sacred space, turn on the music, get out the paints, paper, whatever it takes and just PLAY! Enjoy!

Peter Gray -The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Disorders


  1. livingartnow Avatar

    Oh to play, to enjoy, to be happy just to be!
    What a lifelong game we are in… and to find other playmates who are also imagining along with us of what we can make, what mystery journeys we can lose ourselves in, to find and delight our funny selves in the end.
    What mischief can we get up to?
    What adventures can we find?
    I’ve been thinking of Jim Carrey lately.
    I love him because he reminds me to be ridicules and creative and imaginative.
    I have only to think of him in the movie, Lemney Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, where he imitates a Tyranausaurus dinosaur to get myself to giggle.
    How right you Leslie to remind us of what we’re really doing here.
    What was I thinking was so important?

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