Letting Go of the Past

The subject of forgiveness is a deep issue. ‘Forgive’ is one of those emotionally charged words. ‘Forgive and forget’? If we do we often feel like we are being asked to become the victim, to ‘get over it’ or repress the hurt. But as Lori S. Rubenstein, Forgiveness Coach, explains it is actually the opposite.

Lori began her career as a divorce attorney before turning to coaching. For 18 years she worked as an attorney with people going through the process of divorce. This gave her a lot of experience and a lot of time to see what was not working in the process. Becoming a Life Coach she was able to add another facet to her work. She came to realize that the key to healing from divorce was forgiveness. From there she developed her own Forgiveness Coaching program and wrote 3 books to help people heal from divorce and abuse through forgiveness.

Lori explains that forgiveness is NOT condoning what the other person has done or letting them get away with anything but releasing from it from our own body and mind. We do not release it for the sake of the other person but for our own sake. The choice to release and let go is ours, which is very empowering.

The consequences of not release the pain are great because the hurt causes stress, which is so dangerous to our own health. Stress is the greatest cause of illness. Carrying the pain and hurt with us actually weighs us down. Not being able to let go can create dis-ease.

The key to healing the wound is through understanding. Transmuting the hurt into wisdom. By doing this we heal and lighten our load. Intimate relationships can be our greatest teachers in this school of life if we only choose to see it that way. By extracting the wisdom from the pain we can grow.

Lori provides many tools on her website and in her books on how to work through the Forgiveness process.

Listen to Lori and Leslie talk about Unforgiveness on Contemplating the Universe:

For more information about Lori and Forgiveness go to: www.LoriRubenstein.com


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