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Spiritual Boot-camp (Introduction)

As we move from one Great Age to another we release the afflictions of the past to move into the paradigm of the future. This is no easy task. It takes about 200 years to make the transition from one Age to another.

Each Age lasts about 2000 years. We have just moved out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. Meaning that we are the ones (the people who are in the shift) that take the full impact of the preceding Age. It’s culmination. Not only personally but historically and genetically.

This article started as a blog post, which expanded into a 3-part blog post, which is still in the brainstorming/outline/manifestation stage. As with many of my projects they expand beyond belief and then get stuck in overwhelming inactivity. So on the occasion of this dark moon eclipse I feel an urgency to say something—now! Hence, an Introduction, which so illustrates the Virgo/Pisces nodes (see below) that it’s not funny. Anyone who has a Virgo north node (Pisces south node) will know exactly what I am talking about. And since that is where we all are collectively at this moment—you will all soon understand what I am talking about.

In brief Pisces is about the collective, a water sign, the dissolving into the Divine, surrender at it’s best. The problem is that when we speak of ‘surrender’ we mean to a Divine higher power, be that God, Nature, the universe—not people. When we surrender to ‘people’ then it becomes victimization. And unfortunately what might have started out as ‘surrender’ at the beginning of this Age has turn to ‘victimization’ best illustrated by the P-word Patriarchy. (I will come back to this point in a future post now I want to lay the ground for the eclipse material).

I think we can see that the issue that most of us deal with personally, collectively and historically is ‘victimization’. So let’s focus on that aspect of Pisces as we move into the eclipse, and come back to the transition of Ages later.

http://www.astro.com/The eclipse on March 9th is happening in the sign of Pisces.  The Sun, Moon, South Node, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury are all in Pisces. The first four are conjuncted at 18-21 degrees, and the last two (Neptune and Mercury) conjunct each other at 6-9 degrees.

Not only are the Sun, Moon, South Node and Chiron conjuncted but they are opposing Jupiter in Virgo (18 degrees) and the North Node in Virgo (21 degrees). I believe that this is the seed that this eclipse is planting for our future growth out of ‘victim mentality’. For those who don’t full grasp astrology, just think of it as a metaphor. The planets and signs (archetypes) are the characters in this play, the chart or map a flow diagram.

At this point I wish to leave the Sun and Moon behind. They are the hosts of the party that gave us a place, a venue, for this event to occur and although they are important I think many others have already written about that. There is a lot more, on a deeper level that needs to be seen. I will comment on that since it also ties into future posts. Let us focus our attention on the south node-north node, Chiron and Jupiter, and in particular using Virgo energies to pull us out of the Pisces ditch we have fallen into.

In astrology we do not just look at signs in a singular way but look at the sign and it’s opposite as a dynamic, an axis that we run along, being pulled back and forth. In this case the axis we are focusing on is Pisces-Virgo. This plays a huge role in this eclipse and warrants closer inspection.

The first big dynamic I want to look at is the north-south node aspect. This is a collective energy and very important at this time, for all of us. The nodes signify a life path. They denote the direction we came from and where we are going. The south node is what we need to leave behind (old baggage) and north node the direction we need to move towards.

Because this Introduction is part of a bigger piece I want to really focus on this aspect.  The theme of these posts is about moving out of the Age of Pisces so this south node placement is quite relevant for all of us at this time. Even though the north node is in Virgo, not Aquarius the Age we are moving into, we can still use the energy of Virgo to assist us on this journey.

Jan Spiller has written a wonderful book on astrology entitled Astrology for the Soul. The north-south nodes are something I focus a lot on in a reading. And I think Spiller gives us a very simple outline as to how to use these energies. We can all see a lot of our current personal and collective behaviors in this outline with a clue as to how to move out of them.

North Node in Virgo

Attributes to Develop

Bringing order to chaos
Creating routines
Focusing on the here and now
Acting on feelings of compassion
Being of service to others
Analyzing and categorizing
Gaining self-confidence through experience
Taking risks in spite of fears
Noticing and valuing details

Tendencies to Leave Behind

Being a victim (or having victim consciousness)
Confusion and disorientation
Avoiding planning
Escapism/addictive tendencies (drugs, alcohol, excessive sleep, daydreaming, etc.)
Feelings of inadequacy
Vagueness (not wanting to commit)/inaction
Giving up

On the occasion of the eclipse we not only have the north node in Virgo but also Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, which lends even more energy to the healing that needs to take place. Chiron, the wounded healer, also now in Pisces reinforces that theme—the need to move out of our historical wounding into a place of healing and action.

What I would suggest, on this dark moon eclipse, is to create a ceremony/ritual of intent. The dark moon is a time of planting seeds—seeds that may come to fruition on the full moon eclipse on March 23rd, in the sign of Libra. This intent could be focused on healing and leaving the victim archetype behind. On seeing with clarity our role in the bigger picture and on having the courage to walk that path and fulfill our potential. The way out of victimization is activity and service, service to a higher calling which is our unfolding. The best way to heal the planet is to take responsibility and heal ourselves, to blossom into our fullest potential.

The reason this article is called Spiritual Boot-camp is that there seems to be a feeling of urgency. What I see in myself and those around me is that we are being challenged to overcome—right now. Our lessons are coming hard and fast and there is no escape. The only way out is through. My mantra at the moment is ‘courage and clarity’—courage to do what I need to do and clarity to see what the right action is.

We are living in exciting times. Because of time acceleration we have the gift of being able to witness our own evolution something previous generations have not been able to do. Things that used to take 20 years now happen in a matter of days.

In future posts I will go back and explain more about how we got here and where we are going but for now seize the moment! Use the energies of the planets and eclipses, and any other tools that you have acquired on your path and ‘just do the work’.




Spiller, Jan. Astrology for the Soul. New York: Bantam Books, 1997.


Artwork by Cosima Lukashevich


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    A low-down on what the trends are spiritually, emotionally in a boiled down compact text. I like it and it fits the atmosphere of NOW precisely. I like the way the image at the top fits the direction of what you’re explaining in the text. I know why you chose it now, Leslie!

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