Storytelling as a Vehicle for Wisdom

A great storyteller — whether a journalist or editor or filmmaker or curator — helps people figure out not only what matters in the world, but also why it matters. A great storyteller dances up the ladder of understanding, from information to knowledge to wisdom. Through symbol, metaphor, and association, the storyteller helps us interpret information, integrate it with our existing knowledge, and transmute that into wisdom.

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Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making Sense of the World: An Animated Essay by Maria Popova






3 responses to “Storytelling as a Vehicle for Wisdom”

  1. livingartnow Avatar

    Leslie i noticed at the end of the animation a summit of storytelling that took place last year. How interesting such thing takes place!

  2. livingartnow Avatar

    Click on to the link; the future of storytelling summit , in red in the first paragraph of the Brain Pickings text…it takes you to an organization with a blog about just that, VERY INTERESTING!

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