The Sun Mirrors the Self

This is a blog post that I posted on 16th of February 2011 on my blog ‘Contemplating the Universe’. I think it is relevant to what we are experiencing now; especially having recently had three X-class flares! So I am re-posting it here. We have been in this shifting energy for a long time, and as it increases I think we can see why it needed to happen slowly. Very intense!

Photo © Cosima LukashevichWell it had to happen…my computer crashed. Luckily/Divinely I backed up all my files to my son’s external hard drive last night! May I repeat myself, for the one-millionth time, trust your intuition. Actually it was not only intuition it was the universe showing me clearly where I was going. What was divine was that I got it done before the crash.

All of this is not surprising in light of recent events. On Tuesday the 15th a friend, Mai, posted on Facebook an article about the solar eruption on February 13th. This spurred a discussion on the sun and the fact that we are moving into the period of highest solar activity in recorded history. I am talking even about the information from indigenous people and ancient sources. The ancients were excellent astronomers so there is a lot of very interesting and accurate information available. So this is REALLY big.

One explanation for this increase solar activity relates to the galactic center and the Mayan calendar. The Mayan people explain that the calendar was sent via a wave from the galactic center, from an ‘intelligence’ that resides there. Well we know that there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy. Depending on how much you know about black holes, or want to know about black holes it seems that light cannot escape, there is probably a parallel universe on the other side and time may be warped or disappear there. Some would also say that this ‘intelligence’ that resides in the black hole (or emanates from it) is God or the Divine. Clearly there is too much to be said about it and in fact what does anyone really ‘know’.

We do know from science that there IS a pulse or wave emanating from the center of the galaxy. We also know that the frequency of that wave has increased. In 1998 our solar system moved to its closest point to the galactic center. We were bombarded with particles the earths magnetic fields began changing. In 1999 we moved into the Galactic Underworld on the Mayan calendar. According to the Mayan calendar time line time increased 20 fold with each new underworld. The increased frequency of the wave is what produces this increase in ‘time’. I think if we look back over the past 12 years or so we can agree, from personal experience that this is true.

The wave that emanates seems to be increasing our own personal frequency as well, which is what is causing the evolution of consciousness. This pervasive energy field is called the ‘Psi-Bank’. We know that different frequencies cause interactions with different levels of our consciousness. We also know that the earth its self emanates the same waves as our brains. We are in resonance with the earth and the galaxy far more than we consciously realize (for information on these waves see Dr. Carl Calleman or Barbara Hand Clow’s work).

The increase in solar activity seems to also be a direct response to the increased frequency of the waves from the galactic center. As we now move into the Universal underworld the frequency will increase again 20 fold. Meaning that what happened in a 20-year period of time before 1999, then took 360 days in the Galactic Underworld and will now take only 20 days in the Universal Underworld. I think many people are already seeing and feeling that increase as the events of the day increase in magnitude.

It makes sense that if the increased frequency is effecting, the earth, and our brains then of course it will affect the sun. And the sun being huge and at the center of our solar system is quite easy to monitor. If we are evolving then the sun is evolving as well. There is SO much fascinating ‘scientific’ information out there. I wish they would teach that in school rather that what they are teaching. (It is interesting to note that a solar flare last about 13 days. 13 days is one Trecena in the Mayan calendar. Trecenas are the number frequencies 1-13, one of the two alternating cycles that make up the Tzolkin).

The sun has always been a symbol of the Self. It is the ruling ‘planet’ of the astrological sign Leo. I don’t think in the past we have paid much attention to the sun. We have been so much in our heads. Not even noticing that the sun is mirroring what we seem to be most focused on, the Self, sometimes known as the ego. The sun was just there, it causes day and night, eclipses once in a while everyone just took it for granted.  In recent times interest in nature has made a revival. The recent earth changes have MADE themselves known is very dramatic ways, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. It seems to take a lot to get out attention. Now the sun whose evolution reflects our own evolution is ready to be heard.

About five years ago I began to notice the effects of the sun, the solar flares, on our emotions and also wireless technology. The realization came as an epiphany. One day I was getting phone calls one right after the other. ‘What is going on? I am deep in anger. What is happening?!’ Because I work as a therapist/counselor and also as an astrologer people tend to call me when things are not making sense. I don’t need to go and look for data it comes to me. I take note of what comes to me and try to make sense of it.

At the same time that everyone was calling with the same question I was noticing that the network (cell phones) was not working. Dropped calls, not getting through…I happened to be walking in the street when I got the last call. I then noticed that a sandstorm was building. All of the sudden I said to the person on the phone ‘I wonder if there is a solar flare’. Some of my most profound insights come when I am explaining something, which I know nothing about, to someone else.

Sure enough. We both went to the internet and did some research and found that there had been a huge solar flare. Now we knew what it felt like. We began to monitor these ‘feelings’ and observations with data from Spaceweather and NASA. I also started reading more about what science was saying about solar flares. I found that it did interfere with wireless technology and even navigational equipment on airplanes! That seemed kind of important to me. Why are they flying planes during solar flares? I only hope they know what they are doing.

Then about three years ago I had the most profound experience that I have had up to this point in my life. I had gone to Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, to give a talk. I gave the talk and was leaving to drive home. I started to feel a bit ill, like I was having a sugar low although I had eaten lunch previous to the talk. I got in my car and started home. It was rush hour and the traffic was really bad. I got about halfway home and felt like I was going to pass out. It had been getting progressively worse but now my vision was being affected. I had a bit of a headache but that was not the worst of it. It was similar to a migraine but very different at the same time. I felt as if the top of my head was opening up and I was somehow going out!

I realized I wasn’t going to make it home but what could I do. I was going to call my son to come and get me, which is when I realized my vision was off.  There was no way to pull over and even if I did call him he would never be able to get to me. Stopping was not an option so I had to keep going. My car is a stick shift and because I was in bumper to bumper traffic I was not going very fast. I decided I would just keep going. If I passed out the car would just roll into the car ahead of me and stop. Tapping someone from behind is not as big an issue here as is it would be somewhere else. I kept going.

Somehow I made it home. I really don’t know how because it continued to get worse. The next challenge was getting up the steps but by then I thought if I passed out at least it would be right in front of my door. By now I just wanted to get inside and lay down.

I made it up the steps, in the house and laid down on the couch. That really didn’t make me feel better; I sat, I leaned. Nothing was helping. My kids had friends at home. One of them passed by the room I was in and asked what was wrong with me. He was terrified, so was I. He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I said ‘no’. What would I tell them, my head is opening up? Anytime I sought medical intervention, especially in a hospital, I have regretted it. Better to die at home on the couch than being prodded and poked in a hospital.

I survived the evening. Things got better when I realized and reminded myself that I just needed to get through it. That is my mantra when I am in turbulence on an airplane ‘you have to go through it to get to the other side’. I went to bed.

When I work up the next morning I had a headache, a familiar headache. Later that day we had a huge sandstorm. One of my migraine ‘commiseraters’ called and we compared notes. No great surprise. I am very Mercurial ‘a human barometer’ I always feel the weather changing but this was so far beyond anything I had ever experienced before. The migraine I understood, the rest was new. For what ever reason the rest of that year I had similar ‘head opening’ experiences, which I have never had since then.

Needless to say I am familiar with the ‘solar flare experience’. But I feel there is more to it than that. There is obviously a whole range of possible experiences. Someone told me that the ‘head opening’ experience is downloading information. She had a similar experience around the same time. Perhaps. And this may lend support for the idea that the higher frequencies are causing our brains to change and that they in fact hold information.

This last flare on Sunday brought the oh-so-familiar anger. It was so extreme that I was asking the people around me what they felt was happening to me. I felt my anger rising. I know that feeling. And I know that always, when we ‘think’ we have worked through something the universe comes to test us. I was being tested. I would react and then think to myself ‘what should I do? Respond?’ the answer was always ‘no’. I felt at peace with that and then bam! Someone else would hit me with some comment! I would ask myself the same question. The answer again was ‘no don’t respond’.

Well, this went on all day! In the evening I was chatting with my daughter telling her that this was getting extreme and although I felt the correct answer was not to react the universe was NOT leaving me alone, I was still being tested. So that was clearly not the correct answer. I needed to look for a new option. It was late, I decided to go to bed and respond the next day, which is always a good strategy. Create space for a NEW option to arise.

On top of the aggravation from human being my computer had decided that it also wanted to antagonize me. I have to admit that it is usually a reaction to my mood. If I am upset my computer freezes. But again this was extreme. Every 20 minutes I had to reboot! This went on all day Sunday and Monday.

I slept and awoke with the conclusion that the universe was compelling me to be truthful even if I would throw myself into the fire. Thoughts were fighting to get out of my head. My computer still didn’t feel the need participate in this dilemma. I had to reboot three times before I could actually use it. In the mean time I had taken copious notes on how I would, most clearly and with the least provocation, express my thoughts, that clearly no one understood. I had about seven pages of hand written notes! I was going to be understood this time.

When I finally got into Facebook I found Mai’s post about the solar flare. It all made sense. And at that point I could release all my obligations ‘to BE understood’. Those people couldn’t help provoking me; they were reacting to the sun as well. My computer continued freezing until Wednesday morning when it absolutely refused to go on and crashed. Luckily I managed to recover everything and now it is working as if nothing ever happened.

But in the process the universe had conspired to make me focus and write about something I should have done a long time ago. I have deciphered my seven pages of notes, almost. My handwriting is so bad I can’t even read it. But at least now I have it all written on my computer and I can take my time without anger or stress to mold it into a piece that will hopefully be clear and illuminating. Even if the universe had to kick me in the butt to get me write it! Coming soon…

Copyright © 2011 by Leslie Zehr


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