The Universal Dancer Podcast Launch!

Join Leslie Zehr, author of The Alchemy of Dance and The Al-chemia Remedies, as she takes you on a journey of exploration using her own experiences as a seeker. The journey began in her childhood but increased when she moved to Egypt more than 30 years ago.

She will bring guests from diverse areas such as sacred dance, the sacred arts, ancient wisdom, academics, artist, writers, and researchers to understand our past better to move more skillfully into the future.

The Universal Dancer Podcast

On Sunday, January 31st, 2021, I live-streamed the Podcast launch! I thought it would be a good idea to do the first episode of the podcast myself. This allowed me to introduce the podcast and explain why I transitioned from The Sacred Dance Summit to a monthly podcast.

My plan for this podcast is to interview someone from the sacred dance world every month rather than five people twice a year, which gives me time to explore and savor the experience rather than feeling rushed to get it all done. As I get older, I want to enjoy what I do and get as much as I can out of every experience.

When I moved to Egypt in 1986, I was pretty isolated. In retrospect, I see how this was an essential piece of the puzzle. The dance modality that I created unfolded in isolation with no input from the outside world. Others may have been doing similar things to what I was doing, but I didn’t know it. My only guide was the goddess herself, and my way to access her was through the dance.

Had I had access to other information, I would have “researched” rather than experienced, so I am grateful that the universe set things up the way it did. But later, with the Internet and my ability to travel more frequently, I realized there was a whole world of dance out there that I knew nothing about.

That was my goal in producing The Sacred Dance Summit, to educate myself about other modalities and to connect with others who shared my passion for sacred dance, both as instructors and participants. I enjoyed producing and hosting The Sacred Dance Summit, but as those who have studied with me know, we can always go deeper, expand, and refine. For me, something was missing; there was a better, more fulfilling way to do this.

I consider myself an “artist” more than anything else. For me, it is all about creating—books, courses, a meal—everything. So how can I create the best show possible to convey what I want to share? Through conversation! I love having deep, meaningful conversations with people. As an introvert, I am not someone who loves to talk to people unless there is depth, then I get lost in conversation because it is mind-expanding.

I also discovered, as an introvert, that there is a limit to the amount of time you can spend alone! I wondered when lock-down started if that was going to be the lesson for me. The whole world had entered into my comfort zone, I no longer needed to explain myself, but would it last? Would it remain my comfort zone? The answer is “no.” There is an isolation limit, even for an introvert.

The solution, start a podcast where you can have deep and meaningful conversations with people from all over the world! I thought about it for three months, planning and gestating, and then I launched in January 2021.

I have also felt that since lock-down, it is essential to get the audience involved, something I didn’t have with the summit. Many people are at home now and watch more videos/podcasts, but I think building a community requires more interaction, so I chose to do the podcast as a live stream. And I have to say that I have enjoyed having an audience. Because as much as I enjoy asking questions and delving deeper, I think the audience brings another perspective and their questions. And I honestly do get the feeling that I am at a gathering having a conversation when I know there are others out there listening and sharing with us.

Doing the launch myself also allowed me to publicly explain the concept of the Universal Dancer and how the idea fits so perfectly for this podcast. The first episode was titled “The Archetype of the Universal Dancer in Tarot, and the Cosmic Dance of Co-creation.”

I have talked about the Universal Dancer in my books and my courses. Still, I have never actually made a video about it, so I thought this was a good time to explain what the Universal Dancer is and its relation to the tarot and alchemy. I spoke about how we can use this archetype on our spiritual path as a self-empowerment tool and how it is related to ancient wisdom and practices such as the sacred arts. As well as discussing what is the cosmic dance of co-creation and how we can use dance as a spiritual practice.

Episode 1

In the future, I hope you will join us. The shows stream live on Facebook on my Profile and The Alchemy of Dance Community , and my YouTube channel TheUniversaldancer. It will allow you to comment and ask questions during the show. If you can’t join us live, the replays are available on my YouTube Channel TheUniversaldancer and on all major podcast platforms.

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