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As we journey through life, Dancing with the Universe, we each experience our own unfolding, but often that unfolding can aid and illuminate others as well as ourselves. The Maya have explained this unfolding, the evolution of consciousness, very clearly in their calendar. And many of my posts relate to the wisdom brought in by the Maya.

The ultimate point is a point of complete surrender but surrender in consciousness, being completely awake, not surrender in unconsciousness, asleep, giving up or apathy. This state of “no-mind” is a very active, present state, where we are completely connected to the Divine yet fully present at the same time.

The goal of being illuminated, to become the Universal Dancer, is a journey through experience. The end point is fusion but fusion occurs between polarities. We are moving to the fusion point, where the extremes come together, not in neutrality but with great power. For that reason I feel a blog is a perfect place to assist each other in this journey, it is timely and global. For me personally, I have boundless energy for contemplation. I sit in awe of the miraculous unfolding taking place in front of me. But I do not sit as a spectator; I wish to be a participant, not to change or control but to assist in the process. My original blog was called Contemplating the Universe for that reason.

I feel I stand in a very unique position. Many people come to me for guidance and information and for that reason it gives me perspective on what is going on around us, a perspective that extends beyond my own personal experience. I am honored that people confide in me and I would never betray that confidence. What I would like to communicate on the blog are the trends that come up through these conversations, as well as answers to the questions that people raise.

The way I feel I can best participate in this Dance is with my clarity of vision, my ability to articulate what I see and as a weaver of webs. I hope each one of you will use your own gifts in this unfolding and share with us how you best fit into this puzzle.

Hoping that we will Dance with the Universe together to the beat of the Cosmic sistrum.



  1. Janice Avatar

    Beautifully written Lesley. Enjoy your path and with your fellow participants :-).
    Happy Ramadan

  2. Maryanne Savino Avatar

    Beautiful Leslie!!! Very inspiring and insightful. I keep picking the World/Universe card in the Tarot…I feel so in tune with what you’ve written here. Thanks so much ♡

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