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Words of Love-The Art of Eloquence

Nutt Awakening EarthFrom my journal:

The voice I heard this morning said “speak only words of love”. The Divine Feminine transforms through words of love and encouragement, not criticism. Criticism is defining and separating. Love is unifying and empowering.

I always begin my day slowly. This is what I call Sacred Living, honoring yourself and your own rhythm. For me reentry is difficult. I am not a morning person for many reasons but one is that I get a lot from being in the ‘other world’. Sleep is important to me. I heal, I dream and I receive a lot of illumination. This is because when we sleep we ‘create space’. This is a concept I talk about a lot and it is very different from ‘holding space’. Creating space is allowing things to open up, releasing the conscious mind long enough that things from the unconscious have the opportunity to emerge. They emerge through space; the mind is contractive and does not allow things from the other dimensions through easily. So we need to ‘create space’. The easiest way is through sleep, but there are many ways and each one is unique for the individual. Some people ‘create space’ when they meditate, for me when I Dance. When I Dance I ‘create space’ in a waking state, so that I can actually record the information that comes in.

When I sleep I take the time upon waking to process all that has come through. I have my morning ritual of making coffee and then sitting on the balcony (usually with the dog, or sometimes my son) and drinking it. That is when the journey I have taken in ‘dreamtime’ begins to unfold. I write my dreams, pull angel cards, investigate the totems that have come up in my dreams and allow whatever needs to come through to come through.

During the Revolution, when I was writing poetry, this is when it happened. As if the poem was waiting for me to finally wake up so that it could be born. It is in this state, not yet fully awake, that I receive profound insights as the one above. I never turn on my phone before 12:00 noon. I am available the outside world from noon to midnight; I think that is enough time for others. The rest of the time is for me, my family and creativity.

We should not underestimate these transitory times when we are in altered states of consciousness. The interfaces are always the most potent places, waking, falling asleep…but also we need to honor ‘dreamtime’ itself. So much is happening. Society has made us believe that we are lazy if we sleep a lot. And it is possible to sleep too much.  But ‘too much’ really depends on what is happening while you are asleep. If it feeds your soul then it is important. Don’t let other judge, by some arbitrary measuring stick, how much time you should spend sleeping. Some traditions even believe that it is when we are in ‘dreamtime’ that we are in the real world and that waking consciousness is the illusion. That theory is becoming more and more believable as time goes on. Either way sleep is an important spiritual practice, which is why you should consider very carefully where you sleep or who you sleep with.

But I digress, the voice I heard said ‘speak only words of love’ and with that came the complete understanding of why. In most of my teaching I use Hathor as the archetype of the Divine Feminine (see previous writings to explain why). And so for simplicity sake I will do the same here. Hathor is the goddess of love, the Divine mother, the sacred cow. She is all about empowerment and beauty. She is also the goddess of vibration. Words of Love are empowering, beautiful and carry a healing vibration, which is what I mean by ‘words of Love’. I do not mean saying ‘I love you’ or reciting a love poem or Shakespearean sonnet (unless you truly mean it of course). I am speaking about the charge or vibration of the words. Charge and intention are the subtle, the feminine, realm of communication, and probably the most potent. It is something that is often neglected when we speak but felt when we listen or receive.

In essence I am talking about Truth. But not just ‘truth’ that which is not a lie, but compassionate truth. This illumination is coming from a woman (me) who has (on more than one occasion) been accused of having a ‘poison pen’. I am very astute at ‘speaking the truth’. I have seen myself wielding my words like the sword of truth cutting any illusions leaving my ‘opponent’ shredded, and doing great harm all in the name of honesty.

Having walked on the dark side of truth I know it is not the answer. I have seen the look in their eyes as they realize the ‘truth’. It was merely an exercise of power and I won at great expense to everyone. As experience is our greatest teacher, this in the end was a gift. Because now I KNOW, in my heart, to ‘speak only words of Love’. THIS is the ‘truth’. It is empowering and by empowering others we all win.

When someone says something that is ‘negatively’ charged, even it is the truth, we react. Our whole body reacts. Then we first need to heal from the remark before we can act on the truth, making this method of entry ineffective.  Words of Love have the power to penetrate, without doing harm. They can be easily absorbed and digested. I don’t mean saying something harsh in a nice way, which still holds a ‘negative’ charge, even if you are using ‘nice’ words. I mean change the meaning. Remove any charge, any blame, own it if it is yours because in reality it probably is. Unless someone has asked you for advice or to solve their problem then the motivation to speak is probably your own, about you, or your agenda. So think before you speak. Practice the Art of Eloquence. Make speaking and communicating a thing of beauty beyond conveying information.  For me the Art of Eloquence would be another aspect of the Divine Feminine, a gift bestowed on us from the great goddess.

Copyright © 2012 by Leslie Zehr

Artwork © Cosima Lukashevich



  1. Maryanne Savino Avatar

    Beautiful!!!! Leslie, I love this! I can resonate and it’s another wonderful way to be embraced by the Divine Feminine. Thanks so much.
    Many blessings,
    Maryanne, xo

  2. lesliezehr Avatar

    Reblogged this on Cairo Health & Wellbeing Initiative and commented:

    This is a piece I wrote back in 2012 about ‘Compassionate Communication’. I think it is very relevant now, so I will re-post.

    1. Maryanne Avatar

      So beautiful! This really speaks of the Sacred Feminine ☺

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