Wrapping-up 2020: Dance into 2021!

Following on from my previous two posts, I hope you have taken some time to revise and contemplate what has happened in the last year and spent some time thinking about your sacred space and how you can access the depth and importance of that space.

In this post, I would like to focus on moving into the new year. How do you envision yourself moving into the new year? Are there things you let go of that you need to reclaim? Or perhaps something you have never tried before?

The best thing about January 1st is that we collectively see it as a new beginning. I don’t think we change in a day—who we were on December 31st may not be radically different than who we are on January 1st, but we metaphorically turn a page. Somehow it permits us to let go of the old and look towards a new beginning. What would you like that new beginning to be?

I want to get back to the dance. The long, hot, and humid summer here in Egypt (that lasted until October!) took me away from dance. But now that is no excuse. I know that dance is my medicine. It grounds me; it inspires and connects me to the Divine. I don’t love it. I NEED it!

Dance is a beautiful way to transmute energies, to let go of what no longer serves you well from 2020, and to create space for new ideas to come in. Dance is also an excellent way to release anxiety and the other extreme—boredom. I think 2020 provided us with a lot of both of those.

So that will be my new beginning for 2021 to find my way back to my dance practice. How would I like to move into the new year? Grounded and imbued with the goddess—full of inspiration.

I feel passionate about the importance of grounding and connecting—for all of us. Given the challenging year we have all experienced, I think dance is the medicine we could all use right now. As a special end of the year offering, from now until January 1st, you can enroll in the “Dance as a Spiritual Practice” online program for the special price of $47.

The program teaches you a simple movement practice. It is appropriate for anyone—any age or skill level. It allows you to integrate dance easily into your day. And in time, it will deepen your connection to the sacred and your creativity. And after all, we all deserve a bit of joy this season.

I wish you much joy, peace, and all the best in 2021!





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