Wrapping-up 2020: Sacred space

In my last post, I spoke about the winter season and the journey inward. I suggested that you do some journaling and gave you a few ideas about things to contemplate.

Today I would like to speak more about sacred space—both the sacred space around you, your home, as well as your own body, your alchemical vessel.

In my book The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as Path to the Universal Dancer, I devoted an entire chapter to sacred space. It is an essential and highly overlooked aspect of our lives and practices.

The home represents the feminine or the goddess. In fact, in ancient times, people built their houses to represent a sleeping goddess’s body. There was a round room for the head, a larger area as a living space, which contained the hearth signifying the goddess’s heart. The entryway represented the opening, or the genitals, of the goddess.

In Arabic, we still have the phrase rubet el bet, “goddess of the house.” Seeing your home as sacred, as the goddess, or as an extension of yourself is an excellent way to begin to honor your space. In the past year, we have learned how important it is to protect our areas and make them safe for our families and ourselves. Being mindful of who enters our space is an important lesson—a practice that I hope will carry on after the pandemic. Below I have included a few suggestions on sacred space from my book The Alchemy of Dance. Take the opportunity this winter to reconnect with your sacred space. Feel the presence of the goddess imbuing the space—invoke her, honor her. And do the same practice with yourself.

Excerpt from The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as Path to the Universal Dancer:

What is Sacred Space?

It’s very important that you keep a sacred space for any kind of deep work whether it be healing, meditation or any of the sacred arts. Any time you are doing energetic work where you’re trying to shift energy or you’re trying to connect to the Divine, it’s important to create a sacred space.

Sacred space is a crucible or womb for our growth—our unfolding. It is the place where transformation takes place. We create a safe space to allow the Divine to be present and to act upon us.Sacred space is not of this mundane world, it is an opening, a portal to the numinous realm. Think of sacred space as a temple, or a church. It is someplace that’s used for sacred work—a place where the Divine can come in and imbue the space. It is a place for the Divine to be honored and revered—a place for the Divine to call home.





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  1. Joany Gauvreau Avatar
    Joany Gauvreau

    thank you for this post, I did not know the home represented feminine/goddess. Have a healthy and happy holiday! 🙂

    1. Leslie Zehr Avatar

      For more about the sleeping goddess represented in the layout of the home see Laird Scranton’s work. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

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